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What PHD will be doing to keep your kids safe:

  1. Studio has been professionally steam cleaned by Tibbs Steam Cleaning.
  2. New glass partition upon entry to the studio as a designated area for outside belongings.
  3. Touchless temperature scan, to be used on each individual upon entry.
  4. Each PHD student will receive a personal mask and hand sanitizer from the studio.
  5. Studio space will be sanitized and thoroughly cleaned between each class.
  6. Studio space has been upgraded with a germ defense air purification system.
  7. Studio has been equipped with UVC light with a germicidal lamp sanitizer to be run after each studio day at closing.
  8. Studio floor has tapped out floor spacing recommended by CDC guidelines.
  9. All staff members will be wearing face coverings as stated by the CDC guidelines.
  10. Power House Dance Academy is following mandated OSHA 7911 procedures going forward.
  11. OSHA 7911 guidelines can be presented upon request


  1. Each dancer must have COVID-19 waiver on file prior to attending lessons.
  2. Each dancer must wear a mask entering and leaving the studio.
  3. All dancer belongings will remain in the designated area of the studio.
  4. The lobby area is CLOSED, students are to be dropped off and picked up from the parking lot ONLY.
  5. Lessons are between 45-50 minutes long.
  6. Dancers' hair must be up and out of his/her face.
  7. There will be no makeup for missed classes, as of now.
  8. If your child is sick and/or a family member in the household is sick, it is MANDATORY your child stays home. (We will be taking each child's temperature prior to entry)
  9. Students are to bring their dance shoes they will need for that day's classes ONLY.
  10. Students are to bring their own disposable water bottle from home.
  11. Unless there is a card on file, payments will be done through the parent portal ONLY, no cash or checks will be accepted at this time.
  12. The office is closed, if you have any questions or concerns please email the studio directly at [email protected]
  13. *If your child is not ready to come back to the studio in July, he/she will be able to participate through zoom during their normal class time.